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Conserve water and grow an edible garden. 

Learn how at OC District Garden Club Meeting

Gloria Broming, of Farm to Fork Garden Design and Transition Laguna Beach in Laguna, will speak at the Orange County District Garden Clubs’ upcoming meeting held Monday, October 19, 2015 at her home at 604 Anita Street, Laguna Beach 92651, at 9 AM.  Cost is $10.  Light refreshment will be served. Click for Map

Growing edibles is Gloria Broming’s gig. She has been a grower in Laguna Beach for 25 years, which includes time with her company Farm to Fork Design, volunteering at Transition Laguna Beach, and helping the Neighborhood Congregational Church create an edible garden to grow fruits and vegetables for Glenwood House. She was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Edible – Orange County magazine. Her passion and expertise is specifically in growing edibles and working with the soil food web. Nothing beats the flavor or nutritional value of fresh picked vegetables just steps outside the door of your residence or place of business. Edible gardens can be grown virtually anywhere, yes even in the dimmest light you can grow edibles. Growing edibles transforms everyday experiences into something special. Family, friends, neighbors, those passing by, and yes even business associates find it interesting to see up close how food is grown and better yet receiving farm fresh fruit, or produce from those edible gardens. Including an edible garden at home, restaurant, or business truly changes the experience for family, staff, clients and those passing by. Having an edible garden, increases the usability of property by increasing the usable space outdoors. Southern California has a year round growing environment, couple this with an edible garden and now there’s a place to gather, grow and enjoy. Food is a common language and growing food results in growing community. At Farm to Fork Garden Design we are passionate about growing food and love working with our clients to design edible gardens that will suit their needs, lifestyle, and aesthetics. Space and time are premium and there are many different methods to grow food whether it is in ground, raised beds, containers, or vertical applications. We will work with you to develop an edible garden that fits your needs.

For over five years we have been studying soil fertility and agriculture practices that focus on growing soil, which, thankfully enables the grower to grow edibles with very little water. This isn’t a new method farming it is in old practice called dry farming. They say history repeats itself and living with increasing drought conditions it is an appropriate time to revisit dry farming and bring it forward to the next generation. I am excited to share with you tried and true ways in Laguna in which you can improve your soil and grow edibles with minimal water.”

Dues for 201516 are payable starting July 1 and should be mailed to the NEW address listed on the form DUES: Effective July 1, 2016, CGCI dues will in-crease to $2.75 per capita. This is the result of NGC’s dues increase from 50c to $1.00 per member. The $2.75 paid to CGCI includes the dues to NGC. INSURANCE: Effective February 15, 2016, the liability insurance premiums for the 2016-17 insurance year will be $1.50 per capita (minimum $20). Additional Insured Certificates remain $30 each. All other fees remain un-changed.

WHAT WE LEARNED AT THE LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP Wow!  The state sponsored workshop held in Fallbrook was really impressive.  Jane McKee, CGCI Communications Director and George Speer, Palomar District Director gave a well organized and greatly informative 4 hour event which answered many of our questions we didn’t even know we had.   Orange District was one of three districts represented at the event.

  • Meeting minutes record actions, what was done, not what was said.  They also state that a quorum was present.
  • The committee of three who read minutes, are reviewing not approving.  The membership is given the opportunity  to read the reviewed minutes and then vote on their approval.  This can be handled with the statements. “Are there any corrections to the minutes?  Without Objection, the minutes stand approved as read (or as corrected).”
  • The person who has seconded a motion is not recorded in the minutes.  The second shows there is interest in putting the motion to discussion.  If there is no second, the motion is not recorded as having been put forth.
  • To qualify as a 501 © 3, profits must go to programs or charities which reflect your mission statement.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank at the end of the year.
  • Raffles and opportunity drawings come under gaming statutes.  Read the rules and comply or don’t do them.  50/50 (or anything more than 90/10) drawings are never legal.  A bottle of wine may appear in a silent auction basket; it may not appear in a raffle or drawing.
  • Any donated item, other than a gift card, is subject to sales tax.  Put a donation jar at your plant table if you want to avoid sales tax on these items.  You may suggest a donation amount.

elaine davisA similar meeting will be held in Long Beach in the near future. Do try to attend.  I will be posting additional pearls of information from this workshop on this website.  A similar meeting will be held in Long Beach on September 2. Do try to attend. contact  robinp@juno.com

Elaine Davis Director Orange District edavis1@cox.net or elainedavis@ocdistrict.org

PENNY PINES HONORS IN ORANGE DISTRICT Laguna Beach GC Honor: Synthia Scofield ………… $272 Honor: Sue Goldberger ………… $272 Honor: Tom Hensel ……………… $204 Anaheim GC Honor: Connie Tibbetts ………… 68 Anaheim GC ……………………….. $136


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