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Great News!  At our winter board meeting, hosted by Del Norte club and refreshments by Anaheim and Tustin clubs, we raised our scholarship total to $600.  All clubs that participated in the planted container auction, either this year or last year, are welcome to submit an application for one graduating high school senior or current college student.  The student’s major needs to be in some are of horticulture.  See Scholarship Application under Orange District.

CGCI Wildflower Conference

*We are searching for nominations for the 2017-2019 district board.  All club presidents have been asked to talk with their members about the opportunity to be on the board as District Director, Programs, Membership, Ways & Means, Treasurer, Secretary and Hospitality.  By talking to your members, one-on-one, you are more likely to find someone who has thought about this but hasn’t said anything.  Anyone interested can call one of our Nominating Committee members: Annie Hall Bouche ‘Annie Hall Bosche”, Launa Gould, or Jorja Puma

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Elaine Davis Director Orange District or

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